[Image Id: Megan, a Light Skinned Latnix with dark brown curly hair down and wearing a rust colored sweater using ASL while sitting in a brown chair. There is a brick half-wall next to her and on the wall behind her are strands of eucalyptus hanging.]

Sometimes life can become overwhelming and busy. Or something unexpected happens. That leaves you wondering what the positives are. Practicing gratitude is very important. I don't mean you must appreciate what you have because others have it much worse. Really, gratitude, the bottom line is that it brings you to the present. At the core of gratitude is mindfulness. In the little moments, like sitting to drink my coffee, I think to myself, "I'm so grateful for my mornings with coffee." Or when I'm petting my dog, I express gratitude for my dog. I can be grateful for beautiful weather. It can be simple things that help bring you into this present moment.  You can think, "right now, I'm okay, everything's okay. I can do this." Gratitude brings us back to the present moment. So you can practice gratitude in the mornings during your shower by thinking of three things you are thankful for. Or at night before bedtime, think of three things you are grateful for. Some people like to write in their journals, or some like to share with their loved ones what they are grateful for and have their loved ones share theirs too.There are many different ways, the point is that it helps bring your focus back to the present. This will benefit you in the long run. Practice your gratitude and say three things today that you are grateful for.

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