How You Should Really Rest

[Image ID: Megan, a light skinned Latinx, has a dark hair loosely pulled back and Megan is wearing thin gold hoops earrings. Megan has a dark long sleeved sweater on and she is sitting on a dark green velvet chair with high backing. She is in front of wooden paneled wall. The video occasionally zooms in and out.] The goal is to find freedom from other people's expectations of us and of society's expectations.We want to be free from all of that. How we can do that is by resting.People are always saying to "rest" but truly resting is a revolutionary concept. Because society is always telling us that we must keep going, get things done, to keep hustling, and to do more and more. But truly, resting is "more." By resting, we are able to slow down, realign with ourselves, dream,reflect, and hold a sacred space and time for myself. Resting is much "more" because you are gaining a relationship with yourself, more connected, more intentional, and more personal goal building. Because the society that we live in is constantly on the go, it means that we are more disconnected from ourselves. So going forward, should we keep our goals of constantly hustling?Really, we should be doing the opposite and resting. Resting can mean-- Daydreaming. Resting can mean -- Slowing Down. Resting can mean -- Putting a pause on everything. Resting can mean -- detoxing from social media. Resting can mean -- laying on the couch for 10 or 20 more minutes. without feeling guilty. Rest brings and centers Joy to who we are. Really, we and you are worthy of rest.

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