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Kristen 'Rajarajeshwari' Weiner

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Deafhood Yoga




Kailua Hawaii 96734

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Deafhood Yoga

Since 2010, pioneering an Online Yoga Studio to inspire kindred spirits, global-wide, to experience Deaf-centered yoga through sign language.

We offer our popular Blossom 1: 5 Petals of Life® wholistic yoga classes that include Pranayama/Breathing, Relaxation, Asanas, Lifestyle (Ayurveda & Deafhood), and Meditation. You benefit from the useful information beyond just the yoga exercises (Asanas) that you still have access to after the program completes. This is through the platform, Mighty Networks, where you can review the class content and videos before and after classes complete to support your personal practice. Plus social networking among other yoginis and yogis.

CEU's and CEH's are available for those Deaf Interpreters and Deaf Yoga Teachers.

This is truly an investment for yourself and loved ones around you. Yes, all taught in fluent American Sign Language through love and light with your Deafhood Yoga teacher.

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