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(I’m thrilled that NDT just added “Astrology” section for me to insert Mystic Starz©️ in this specific section. Really appreciate this.)

Hello , my name is Carla Mystic.
I’m an intuitive Astrologer, also Deaf, I’ve launched Mystic Starz©️Astrology, been in Astrology studies and practices for 10 years , still do consult a few professional astrologers for private lessons to keep up with Astrology knowledge intensively and practice ongoing.

Astrology is a depth spiritual analysis more than just 12 sun signs/zodiacs. It’s a quite fascinating ancient spiritual tool that reveals about yourself, your life path and so much more . ‘Know thyself’ is a wonderful feeling when you’d be able to embrace yourself much better, also helps you to motivate with what you have based in your “lifetime blueprint”.

I’ve been blessed doing this with a numerous of Deaf clients from all over this nation plus Canada, also included Italy, France, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, New Zealand and a few more. Meanwhile I’m in process learning International Sign, and BSL- British Sign Language.

I met many interesting varied clients from age 18 to 76, varied from college students, schoolteachers, VIPs, therapists, coaches, entrepreneurs, counselors, government workers, actors, artists, homemakers, and even well-known persons in the deaf community.

So many of them experienced the enlightenment and awakening with this Astrological session with me. It’s a blessing with what I do for the deaf community.

May the stars ✨ shine you !

✨Mystic Starz©️✨